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Practical and Helpful Tips: Contractors

What is General Contracting? There are actually two main ways when it comes to hiring a contracting firm that is going to work for you. One of these things is general contracting, which is also considered as the most traditional method. Through this, you and the architect will be able to make specifications and plans on the work that needs to be done. This is mostly a bidding process from several general contractors and will then be orchestrated with your architect. Another thing is that it is crucial that the specifications and plans will be detailed well that is going to specify brands or equivalents and quality. This is in fact the only way for you to get good comparisons from several general contractors. The big advantage of general contracting would be where the work is performed with a fixed cost, is being established through bidding and the contractor will assume a particular amount of risk to fixing its price. If ever the work will take much longer or if ever they are going to experience difficulties, this will be their financial burden and you will be out of it. Usually, their bid will be broken down to various categories such as subcontractors, materials, labor, etc. Construction management is found to be a newer model on the process of performing the same kind of work. The construction managers are in fact the ones who acts as agents towards their clients and is the one that hires subcontractors and do the authorization of payments which comes directly from their clients. Also, they are mostly paid a percentage on the project cost. One of the biggest advantage that such delivery system actually has is on the fact that the client have the complete control with the entire process. A construction manager will give you the assistance as you act as a general contractor. Because the construction manager is the agent, you will get the complete control over the building process, which actually includes the process of negotiating with subcontractors and suppliers.
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There is also the advantage to where if there are possible savings that could be achieved at the time of construction, the savings will be yours. In case the general contractor is able to acquire the same opportunity, they could pocket out the difference as an additional profit form.
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It is crucial that you take note however that in construction management, you will not be able to get the peace of mind you want about its final cost and you will be assuming all the risk of unforeseen issues. With the fact that construction management have more financial risks, hiring a construction manager is going to be less than having to hire a general contractor.

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