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పొరుగు సేవల ఉద్యోగాల నియామక విధానం |What Is The Recruitment Process For AP Outsourcing Employees?

Recruitment Process For AP Outsourcing Employees | What is the recruitment process in AP Outsourcing Employees? | How will AP Government recruit the Outsourcing Employees in the Departments| The Outsourcing jobs are purely 3rd party jobs. These jobs will not be directly recruited by the AP Government. The outsourcing process acts under the AP Labour Rules & Acts. The AP Government recruits the employees when the departments are required. The government has constituted a committee for selection of outsourcing agency. The following are the committee members for selection of agency. This committee will check all the required rules and acts before the selection of an agency. The agency should renewal contract period with labour department for every year.

District Collector – Chairman
DD (T&A) – Member
District Labour Officer – Member
District Employment Officer – Member Convener
How will AP Government recruit the Employees on Outsourcing basis?

In order to understand the Recruitment process first, we need to understand 3 steps of categories.
Principal Employer (HOD)
Employer (Agency)

Principal Employer: A Head of the Department (HOD) is called as a Principal Employer. Because he will request the Government to recruit outsourcing employees. A Principal Employer requests the Finance department for employees recruitment based on the requirement in the departments. Mainly these vacancies will arise when the government regular employees got retired and work demand from a department. The Outsourcing Employees recruitment will be done in the existing vacancy of regular posts. Filling up of the employees will follow the 100 point roster method in the departments.

After sending the proposal to the Finance Department, it will call and ask the Outsourcing agencies to send qualified employees biodata/resume to them. The finance department scrutinizes the Employees resumes and if required a screening test will be conducted. After careful examination of the employee’s list, they will select the qualified employees. The selected employee’s list will be communicated to the concerned Outsourcing Agency. The agency sends the selected employee to the Department. The department will engage the employees on outsourcing basis duly following the 100 roster method and making a fresh agreement with the agency. This agreement will renew every year based on the requirement of the employees in the departments.

Employer (Outsourcing Agency): An employer is called as Outsourcing Agency which is gives outsourcing jobs to the unemployed personnel. After engagement of the employees in the Departments, the agency is responsible for payment of remuneration to the employees. The agency should provide EPF, ESI benefits as per AP Outsourcing Rules & Guidelines. An employer should submit salary bill to the department along with the attachment of EPF and ESI receipts. This whole process will monitor by the Principal Employer.

Employee: The Outsourcing employee works in the departments making a contract with the agency. The work of the employee allots by the department. If any problems are faced by the employer, then they may be informed to the Principal Employer. Employees should check their EPF Account for want of reliability.

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