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10 Successful Blogs That Make Money in Various Niches + 2 Traits They Share

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Are you interested is seeing blog examples that actually make money? This video shows 10 successful blogs in random niches and the 2 traits they share!

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Hey, bloggers! If you’re looking for successful blogs, it’s likely you are looking for how to make money as a blogger…

10 Successful Blogs in Various Niches + 2 Common Traits They Share | Make Money Blogging | Monetize a Blog | Blog Tips | Createandgo.coSave

You’re probably asking the same question I did when I started…

What do six-figure bloggers have in common?

This was the question that I was perplexed with during our climb out of our unfulfilling, full-time jobs on the road to becoming full-time bloggers.

I knew that we’d have to model these people if we wanted to succeed…

But only after a few weeks of research, the answer became abundantly clear.

Comically clear.

It seemed everyone was monetizing in the same ways, so the decision on where we needed to focus became obvious…

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