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A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How to Call Kuwait from Abroad and Within When calling Kuwait from another country, the procedure is the same, whether you’re using a landline or a mobile phone. Use the international dialing codes and dialing format below: Landline: IDD + 965 (Country Code) + Area Code + Recipient’s Number
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Cellular: IDD + 965 (Country Code) + 8 Digits Cellular Number
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IDD or International Direct Dial code is the exit code, which is distinct for each and every country. If you’re calling a Kuwait (Safat) land line from the U.S., for instance, you should dial 011 + 965 + 249 xxxxx, where 011 is the exit code for the U.S, 965 ISD code of Kuwait, 249 is the area code of Safat, and xxxx is the phone number of the person you’re calling. When calling Kuwait from another country, dial: Exit code + 965 + Area code + Telephone Number The exit code, also called access code, is what allows you to make call international from that country. Find the exit code of the country you are dialing from prior to calling Kuwait. Use the web to know the area code of the specific city or place you would like to call. In Kuwait, there are 87 area codes, usually with three digits each. If you’re calling Kuwait from abroad, you have to dial the ISD code, and then the area code, and finally, the telephone number. Calling Within Kuwait Making phone calls within Kuwait is a rather straightforward process. The first digit indicates if you are calling a mobile phone or a landline. Residential landlines have numbers composed of eight digits, starting with “2”. Corporate numbers have only seven digits, and they all begin with “1”. Take note, every fixed phone line comes with a city code – for instance, (2261 xxxx). To call a landline number beyond your city in Kuwait, you should dial “0” first, and then that number. For example, if you want to call the Kuwait City suburb, Hawalli, and you are currently in Al Fahaiheel, you have to dial 0 + 2261 xxxx. If you’re want to call a Kuwaiti landline from overseas, dial +965 then the number. If you want to speak to someone in Hawalli, for example, you need to punch in +965 + 2261 xxxx. Landline calls are free, whether they are outgoing or incoming. To balance this, overseas call charges are higher in Kuwait. Calling a Cell Phone The first digit of a mobile number depends on the mobile provider. When calling within Kuwait to a mobile phone, the number is all you have to punch in. When making the call from abroad, you need to key in the country code (e.g.+965 xxxx xxxx). Phone Number Assistance and Emergency Numbers The National Directory Assistance number of Kuwait is 101. For fire, police or medical emergencies, you can call 112. For any other emergency, like those concerning electricity or water supply, check the government portal.

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