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Amazing Way To Outsource On Fiverr And Build Content


I am going to share a crazy Fiverr strategy that is going to increase your Fiverr income exponentially.

When we think about Fiverr, the first thing that comes to our mind is to provide a service for a quick buck. Now, what if you can make money just spending 20 minutes a day without doing anything?

Not possible? Think again.

The idea is to package a few Fiverr services and offer the combined service at a premium! For example, you can package 3 services and pay just $15, and charge $100 for the package. This means you make $85 right away!

Here’s what you need to do:

Decide on what services you want to provide. I recommend providing testimonies or Amazon book review services. These are the most popular and sought-after services.
Do a quick look up on Fiverr, especially in the “featured services” page, pick up different services that can be packaged together. Instead of providing service for just one testimony or one book review, package the services. Some unique combinations could include “testimonies” + “traffic” + “video views” or “logo design” + “e-book cover” + “header graphics”.
Pick attractive and action oriented names such as “Get Famous Online” or “Pimp Your Site Package”. The idea is to pick a name that is marketable and catches your potential customer’s attention right way!
Once you got your “product” ready, go market the product to local businesses that are not too web savvy. The fastest way to reach these businesses is to call them directly or send them an offline mail about it.
If you need a business agreement, you can either get someone from Fiverr to do it for you or you can search up templates on Google and do some editing. An agreement will help to protect you and help you look professional.
Once you closed the deal, just purchase the Fiverr services required and “Ka Ching”, you make your first few dollars online.
Other ways to promote your service:

Go to Craiglist and put up a classified ad. You will have people calling you in no time.
Put up an advertisement in a local newspaper.
Hire someone to do cold calls for you (You can outsource at $4 per hour easily through O Desk)
Send them money to catch their attention. A marketer I know sends his subscribers $1 to promote his latest product.
Give it a try and you will be one your way to making your first thousand this month!


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