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Building and Assessing Your Physical Security Program

This presentation is part of the National Center for Campus Public Safety’s free webinar series, Campus Public Safety Online. In this webinar, Margolis Healy Managing Director Dan Pascale, a Certified Protection Professional, discusses physical security programs at institutions of higher education (IHEs). This webinar is appropriate for all audiences having a role in the planning and development of a campus security program, including campus safety, facilities, information technology, and others.

This webinar is intended to assist IHEs in building a comprehensive physical security program and in assessing current capabilities beyond the use of cameras and electronic access control systems. Physical security programs should highlight the interrelationships between many elements, including people, policies, standards, equipment, response, and education. Dan discusses the value and methodology for conducting self-assessments, who should participate in the assessments, and what to do with the information collected. He also explores the interrelationships amongst people, policy, and technology, and how each of these plays an equally important role in creating safer campuses. The totality of this information is used to compare your current state of security against best and promising practices, and to identify gaps and opportunities to make reasonable enhancements.


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