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Bulletproof and BioVectra – Business Continuity via DR Plan Case Study

Managing Risk

BioVectra is a leading manufacturer of ingredients for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients offering therapeutics used in the treatment of cancer, kidney disease, cardio-vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, and many other serious diseases. BioVectra operates from three, FDA-inspected facilities in Prince Edward Island, Canada, with the capacity to produce commercial-scale active pharmaceutical ingredients. BioVectra has built a reputation for experience and flexibility bringing specialized capabilities and quality to customers around the world.


BioVectra has worked with Bulletproof since 2009 as a key outsource partner updating and improving Information Technology in the organization with an aim to enhancing reliability of business platforms & applications, improving productivity, and increasing security. As a regulated entity and an organization concerned about continuity of service to their clients, BioVectra worked with Bulletproof to examine and address business continuity through the implementation of a Disaster Recovery capability. BioVectra worked with Bulletproof experts through a threat risk analysis, business impact analysis and developed a plan to implement a solution that would address the recovery point and time objectives identified through the process. Key in the IT processing risk matrix was the identified need for a second site geographically separated from the Prince Edward Island facilities and infrastructure.

VMWare Site Replication

Bulletproof implemented a VMWare and networking solution that replicated PEI capacity and processing to a second data center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Site Recovery Management solution helps to orchestrate the orderly failover of an organization to secondary site. Key underlying network and capacity processing layers needed to be established prior to the overlay of the Disaster Recovery solution. George Rowat, responsible for Information Technology at Biovectra was clear in describing the need to complete this project successfully. “Look, our clients and the regulators expect us to have plans and capabilities in place to address business continuity. It’s not an option for us to simply sit back and let an ice storm or extended brown out affect our ability to manage and operate our company. I’ve talked to some peers in the industry who have stood up this kind of solution but have never fully tested it. Sure they do sandbox testing, recovery tests, network routing failover tests, etc but have they pushed the big red button ? We had complete confidence in the solution that Bulletproof engineered for us. As it happened I had a need to do some important primary site upgrades that I had been holding off on. I also had a need to demonstrate that the solution we just went to the expense to implement actually worked. Yes, I could have done the demonstrative testing and checked off the project complete box but what I did instead was have some risk management discussions with Bulletproof and I pushed it… I pushed the button and we failed over completely to the secondary site. It wasn’t flawless, we had some minor operational impacts that were quickly addressed but there was no serious problems at all.

Here I was, having shoved all my critical business applications across the network to another Province and city and it worked really, really well. It worked so well, we left it there for several weeks and completed our primary site work before failing back in accordance with our recovery procedures. The attention to detail with the Bulletproof folks is why this worked, they’ve been a great partner for us and this clearly demonstrates why.”

For more information contact Bulletproof at 1-888-328-5538 or at www.bulletproofsi.com


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