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Featured Webinar: How Eureka Forbes is working on leveraging Cloud Archival & Ediscovery?

If any of the following challenges resonate with your IT environment, this Webinar is a must watch for you (Learn More http://bit.ly/2u106ue):

● You need to manage mailbox Bloat to improve Performance and Reliability of your email system
● You need to Secure and Manage email Backups and Archival for quick Recovery and Compliance
● You want to find ways to leverage your mail store for Business Intelligence and Productivity

In this webinar, speakers from Mithi, Amazon, and Eureka Forbes, share their experiences and insights to leave you with actionable information on
● How to ensure Email data security
● How to Simplify day to day email data management
● How to Ensure quick recovery from any malicious attack or accidents
● How to Gain useful business insights from your email data store

Excerpts from Transcript:

This indicates that a lot of users of business email transacting lot of critical information, attachments, documents, proposals, classified information on email. We have found from our own systems the archiving system set me on an average annual growth of a user archive account is about 4 GB. This is average. Sometimes it is 1 GB, sometimes it is 10 GB, depends on the user profile. But this is a good number to keep in mind. This has been constant ever since we been archiving emails for our customers. Radicati predicts that a single business user on average will send 126 messages per day. This should be sometime by the end of 2019, not too far away. Our today’s data from out Mail servers indicates an average of about 75 to 80 messages sent by a business user. And again this varies some send 300 400 and some send 50.

To give you a brief introduction about the infrastructure setup at Eureka Forbes. We have a meeting set up based on a coexistence of MS exchange 2013 and Mithi connect access which connect server SMTP and ldap to provide seamless mail flow and ease in operations. Our mail flow starts with the incoming brightening server to exchange and Mithi accordingly. As regarding Mithi we have two servers, which work on Active passive mode for a redundancy. Most of our Euro Champs are on the field and use Mithi solution on the cell phones for mailing. While there’s been very ease of access emails to this portable device is there are threats of leakage of information which can cause a huge damage to any organisation. At the end point level of the users, the users download mails in the local PST and post that take backup of their sisters on the local USB drives. The challenges after storing backups is when an email is to be searched upon. Its a time-consuming job. As their are multiple mailboxes which within which needs to be searched and last but not the least the USB devices experiences or corruption or just there are different sets of challenges all together. We are in the service industry and have to cater to customers through email which is eventually used in the as an evidence to go forward in some cases.

The Amazon S3 service gives 11 9’s of durability. This number is such an exceedingly high number, that once you put an object in S3 you need not worry about losing this object. To achieve this extremely high durability, S3 is deliberately engineered as a service. Amazon operates what are known as regions which are physical infrastructure locations across the world. Currently there are 16 regions globally. Each region consists of multiple availability zones. Availability zone is a term for one or more independent data centres. Each of these centres has redundant power, networking, connectivity, conditioning and so on. This deliberate design with Availability zones and regions helps us and customers design for and achieve very high levels of availability. So when you first write any objects to S3, S3 will store multiple copies of this object within multiple devices in different facilities across 3 availability zones, making sure that there is no data loss.
S3 today globally is also the storage service with the most comprehensive fleet of security and compliance capabilities. When you put any data in S3 it is secure by default. The data as it travels to and from S3 is protected by encryption and when the data is stored in S3 you have multiple choices to protect the data at rest. You can opt for what is called server side encryption. This means that when you take out the data, S3 takes care of encryptingthe data using a service called KMS or key management service. In addition to the server side encryption you can also choose to use client side encryption giving you two layers of protection.
By providing a reliable storage primitive, AWS takes away all of the heavy lifting and the headache around making sure that once you archive email using Vaultastic, you will never lose it as it is using a highly available and durable service such as S3.


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