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Featured Webinar: How Karaikal Port uses Email Archiving to gain Team Productivity

Facing daunting task of looking through all the email PST files? No in-premise infrastructure? Learn how Karaikal Port solved it.

This webinar covers:
– Fundamentals of Email Archiving to the cloud
– How Vaultastic – a true SaaS can help
– Ediscovery
– Customer- Karaikal Port’s views on Vaultastic
-Amazon explains how AWS infrastructure is so Elastic

Excerpts from Transcript:

The idea being to share with the audience, how our customers are using or benefiting from using our solutions. What is their story and what are their plans in the future, as far as leveraging technology is concerned. We will cover the background on what exactly is archiving to the cloud, how does it work, the nuts and bolts and how Vaultastic which is a true SaaS can help you achieve this email archiving requirement. We will also cover the critical part of the this webinar which is ediscovery.
So first is what is eDiscovery. eDiscovery is actually a powerful index search across the archive mailboxes. So you can look at it like an umbrella or a blind search. So you as a compliance officer or a business owner or an administrator, have the means to fire a search which spans multiple users. And since the data is indexed, you can find any information no matter how old, in a matter of few seconds. Once you do that, you could leverage all that accumulated data to drive some decisions, gain some insight. Hand it over to a compliance officer or whatever you may feel. So e-discovery has to be looked at as a tool to make some meaning out of all that accumulated data. Some of the sample queries which you could run and this is just a small sample, almost infinite permutations and combinations are possible by just combining the fields of the email.

Now about the elasticity, there are essentially two or three different aspects when it comes to elasticity. Firstly, when you think about elasticity, essentially you need the flexibility, so that whatever it is that you are operating, any set of resources that you are operating, these could be storage, it could be compute, it could be networking, it could be databases, it could be any kind of advanced or high level services, the basic characteristic is that you want the freedom with little or no lead time to scale up and scale down as and when you need it.

Currently all our employees consume Mithi’s cloud email service, SkyConnect. We do not have any infrastructure in premise. Most of our users access their mailbox using MS Outlook, while the rest access through Baya, Mithi’s web client and mobile devices.
For a majority of the users, mails are downloaded and retained on their PCs in MS Outlook as PSTs.
Apart from these desktop users, a lot of our critical users are on the field and often need to access or refer back to old emails from various devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles.
Accessing mails through portable devices, puts the organization at a great risk of leakage or loss of information, which can be damaging and difficult to recover from.
In addition, having large volumes of mail, in PST files, on individual PCs/laptops adds to the risk since its quite challenging and expensive to design a backup system to capture information from each end point.

Now if a user needs to locate any historical mail, he is faced with the daunting task of looking through all the PST files and faces the chance of not finding the specific mail, if it was accidentally deleted earlier.
Using Vaultastic has greatly simplified the challenges that we often face in our industry.

The email backups are automatic and happen directly from the primary mail platform, SkyConnect, without any infrastructure or intervention from our teams.

Now our critical users are no longer required to store mails on their individual machines as they are assured that each mail will be available at all times on the Vaultastic cloud. Users with access to their vaults on the cloud, can quickly and easily refer to old emails and restore them when necessary. This ability to refer to old emails in a snap has provided a major boost in productivity.


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