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Focus on your 5% and Outsource the Rest | Bedros Keuilian | Mindset

http://www.ManUp.com Presents: Focus on your 5% and Outsource the Rest. A lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in doing every little task in their business because they think, “Well I know how to do it so I’ll just do it.” Fuck that, man! You don’t need to be scrubbing toilets. You don’t need to be making click funnels. What you need to be doing are the things that no one else can – the 5% that’s going to move the needle and make you more money. Start outsourcing work to people who you can pay $20 an hour or less, train them up, and set high expectations so that you can build a high performance team.

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A true rags to riches story of a self made entrepreneur who escaped communism, came to the United States, ate out of dumpsters, and built several multiple million dollar generating global brands and businesses. 

Bedros Keuilian is the genius behind many of the most successful brands, businesses, thought leaders, and best-selling authors throughout multiple industries. His dedication to high-level business coaching and impacting lives has led to the massive growth of his Fit Body Boot Camp franchise and Mastermind programs. His leadership in the entrepreneurial world has led him to create an empire that continues to expand every day, and now he’s helping other purpose or cause driven entrepreneurs build empires of their own.

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