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Freelance Tips ✓ & what’s in my KIT | KimkreationsP

HI!!! Open me for DETAILS!

But first….
Follow me on my social media!

✓ Instagram- KimkreationsMUA
✓ Snapchat- KimkreationsP
✓ FB- Kim Porras
✓ Email me! (for business inquiries) – Kporras92@gmail.com

Details about what’s in my makeup freelance kit!

Suitcase- Ollie’s $30
Clear pouches- Walmart $5 ea.
Disposables (I buy the wands in bulk off of EBAY!)
Lashes- Shopmissa.com for $1 ea. + 3.99 shipping!
Makeup- various brands
Makeup Wipes- Kirkland brand from Costco



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