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How A 22 Year Old Built A $112k/mo Social Media Marketing Agency w/ Tai Lopez #1 Student

How to make $100k/mo with a social media marketing agency. Josh King Madrid sits down and Interviews Tai Lopez, #1 Student, Jaiden Gross (Ferarri), a 22 year old entrepreneur from Chicago, who built a profitable Social Media Marketing Agency. With his SMMA he grows and manage the social media accounts of small and local businesses. Learn to outsource and you will be able to scale your agency faster. Thanks to Tai Lopez’s top student, Jaiden Gross for sitting down with me and letting me known how he grew his business.

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An avid hustler, at only 19 years old, he has created a massive online-empire and is responsible for creating over $1M in revenue. Josh has built and sold multiple online businesses.

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