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How has Vine Improved Your Business

We all know and love social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a way to build friendships, update our loved ones about our lives and promote our causes. With new technologies constantly being developed, these online services are benefiting from video. With services like Vine, we can show our world in ways words alone could not do.

As with any new Internet service, people have questions. They want to know how these technologies can benefit them and what they can do. Some may have a lot of questions concerning services like Vine. Here are some of the most common vine questions.

Is Vine dead? The short answer to this small question is a resounding no! People have been using that 6 seconds of fame to embarrass themselves, but that same time span can help you promote your business. Businesses can use very short clips to promote new developments, upcoming events and random, yet funny stuff that may happen in their offices. These small videos can go viral, thus allowing thousands of potential customers to learn about your company.

How do some companies like mine utilize Vine in their business plans? Vine gives individuals and businesses the ability to upload short 6 second videos to Twitter. These videos have the potential to become very popular and be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers. Six seconds is just enough time to make an impression on someone before they click off of the post. Vine is an almost perfect advertising platform when used on Twitter.

How can you use vine to promote your products? With Vine, business can use people demonstrating their products in the field. Using your camera phone, you can make short memorable videos of your staff members having fun with new inventions. You can also encourage your users to upload their own Vine videos demonstrating how your products benefit their lives.

Vine has been proven to increase brand awareness and help boost social media interaction with fans and users. That 6 seconds of video can mean the difference in the success of your project or could cost you resources in lost sales. Using short videos like Vine can increase sales and bring your company closer to your audience.

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