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How Outsourcing Lead To Unemployment But I Didn’t Work For The Company

The tale of how I got laid off for a company I didn’t work for and how it changed my outlook on money and life. Outsourcing by other companies is the real trickle down economics. A few companies laid off workers and those workers happened to be the parents of my dance students. What’s the first thing to cut when moms and dads don’t have jobs? Yes, anything the kids are doing that costs extra money.

I was teaching dance at various daycare centers. My program was costing parents $45/mo. This wasn’t much until the unemployment rate increased. When their jobs outsourced to overseas factories, they were left jobless and immediately pulled their kids from my program.

This sudden job loss opened my eyes. I started looking for other ways to generate an income. Mainly I wanted an income stream that wouldn’t be impacted by downsizing nor outsourcing.

Entrepreneurship and I found each other. I started learning how to make money online. Although, I miss my job as a traveling dance teacher, I learned a valuable lesson about not putting all my eggs into one basket.

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