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How to be a Freelance Designer and Artist — Ash Huang

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Ash Huang is the Senior Experience Designer at Adobe as well as an Artist and Author.

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[0:14] So tell me, what does freelancing mean to you?

[1:04] What was it like when you were getting started? What made you want to even try freelancing?

[1:43] But why freelance and not doing full-time work?

[2:13] What do you think it takes to become a freelancer? Not necessarily a successful one, but to just become one in general.

[2:57] Do you need to know business in order to become a freelancer?

4:09] Can you make a lot of money freelancing?

[4:47]. What do you think about pricing? How do you charge clients?

[6:49 What are your thoughts? Do you need to be a good sales person when freelancing?

[7:19] How do you promote yourself? How do you get all that work?

[8:27] How do you still connect with people, when you’re all alone (sometimes) as a freelancer?

[9:02] How much of an important role did San Francisco play in becoming a successful freelancer for you?

[9:27] What made you go back full-time this time?

[10:45] Anything you’d like to say to other freelancers out there or anyone thinking about making the jump?

Thank you for watching this video I’m Dann Petty, a freelance designer in San Francisco, CA with past clients like Google, Medium, National Geographic, Airbnb, Nixon, and many more.


This video was shot by myself with the following gear:
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SONY A7RII http://geni.us/a7rii *FAVORITE* (epic photos + video)

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85MM http://geni.us/sony85mm
90MM http://geni.us/sony90mm
70-200MM http://geni.us/sony70200mm

ON CAMERA MIC http://geni.us/sonymic
LAVS http://geni.us/lavs
OVERHEAD SHOTGUN http://geni.us/shotgunmic
RECORDER http://geni.us/recorder

MAIN http://geni.us/manfrotto290 *FAVORITE* (so easy to use)
HEAVY DUTY http://geni.us/sachtler1001 (worst purchase)

BATTERY GRIP http://geni.us/sonybatterygrip *FAVORITE* (a must)

EXTERNAL MONITORS *FAVORITE* (best investment yet)
SMALL HD 502 http://geni.us/smallhd501
SMALL HD 702 http://geni.us/smallhd702

Edited in Adobe Premiere CC


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