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How to be a Freelance Graphic Designer — Mackey Saturday

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Mackey Saturday is a Graphic Designer in San Francisco, CA.


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[0:16] What does freelancing mean to you? I mean, what do you think when you hear that word, “freelance”?

[0:58] So why did you chose to go freelance in the first place? Why not full-time somewhere?

[2:32] What’s it take to become a freelancer? What important qualities do you need to have you think?

[4:44] How would you say you manage your time as a freelancer?

[5:26] OK serious question, can anyone become a freelancer? Can anyone just jump in?

[6:01] Can you make a lot of money freelancing?

[6:09] How do you charge your clients? Do you go hourly, weekly, project base, or what?

[7:34] But say someone is set on hourly I and came up with the great idea on a walk, or in the shower. How do you bill for your “thinking?”

[8:32] Do you use contracts or any type of agreements?

[8:59] Which term do you prefer? Freelancer, contractor, independent, studio of one? Any preference?

[9:35] How do you handle the unknowns of freelancing? It had to be scary, not knowing if you’d have a job next month or next week even.

[10:21] But at least full-time you have job security, right?

[10:38] Why shouldn’t someone become a freelancer?

[11:05] OK, why should someone become a freelancer?

Thank you for watching this video I’m Dann Petty, a freelance designer in San Francisco, CA with past clients like Google, Medium, National Geographic, Airbnb, Nixon, and many more.


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Edited in Adobe Premiere CC


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