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How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website – 3 Best Strategies Shown in Under 4 minutes!

How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website!
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Hey crew,

So in this video I’ll be going over a few ways which address how to do affiliate marketing without a website.

I’ve been asked this question A LOT in the last few months and the answer is so glaringly simple that I gave myself a challenge:

Show the 3 best ways to do affiliate marketing without a website in 5 minutes or less… I did it in under 4! =)

OK Method number 1…

and the best way overall in my opinion is YOUTUBE… surprise!

I’ll be doing a more thorough video on how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube soon but if you want a head start you should go grab my free training “Genesis” which goes over this EXACT strategy.

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Method number 2…

Facebook! I know another surprise right?

Facebook is a lot of people’s platform of choice because it’s familiar to them and they’re usually on there anyway.

So how to affiliate marketing on Facebook ? Simple.

Build up a large friends list of targeted people in your niche and then post awesome content related to this niche on your wall and have a healthy ratio of valuable content to promotional posts. Super simple stuff.

You could also build a GROUP on Facebook around your niche and post your affiliate links there!


Method 3…


So there are A LOT of affiliates killing it on Instagram these days.

The method here is almost exactly the same as Facebook.

So in order to do affiliate marketing on Instagram you create an account around a niche by posting pictures daily and you have your affiliate link in your bio.

► NOTE: Your Instagram account should be laser targeted to ONE niche only. Not two, not three, only ONE.

This definitely takes some skill and TIME more so than the other two methods but it’s definitely well worth it in the end.

Just imagine a following of 300k on Instagram around in something like the Golfing niche and when a sale comes along for golf clubs, gear or accessories and you post a promotional image to your audience directly to your bio link…

Affiliates have made 4 and 5 figure DAYS doing this.

So there you have it, those are my top three methods for how to do affiliate marketing without a website.


You should be aware that it’s virtually impossible and certainly NOT recommended to build a real business online without a website. It’s a great way to get started with affiliate marketing but it’s not a long term strategy whatsoever.

If you are not collected your leads and building relationships with them then you don’t have a business.. period.

So you can use this to just get something going but don’t get stuck doing this for long. Build a website, build a brand, create content and build a strong connection with your market and you will have LONG TERM wealth and prosperity!

I hope this was valuable.

As always, I’ll see you in the future!




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