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How To Get Genuine BPO Projects In India – Direct End Client (American) / Vendorship

Hi Viewers,

In this video I explain How To Get Genuine BPO Projects In India due to fake process in the market.

Currently there are people getting cheated due to FRAUD Consultancy and it is hard to find Honest & Transparent people/network.It will be better to do research about the person very well before you get projects from them.See if they provide you all means of communication for getting into touch with having presence in Social Media with Genuine Identity.

My Job is to refer Centers to a IT Admin (Bangalore) that I know personally for negotiating Process deal, of course he will CHARGE you UPFRONT CONSULTANCY for Introducing your Company to the Direct End Client or the Vendor (depending upon the projects) but there is assurance of the Genuineness and the Workload.

Centers need to make sure that your ready to pay upfront to him then only I will reveal his contact details with you.He do Outsource Third Party Process but does a lot of background investigations in his expense to make sure Centers get their payments on time, name and fame matters him the most.Your most welcome to meet him in person,have Skype video chat or for getting to know him.We believe business is having trust and it matters us both.He do provide Support if required or replace the projects free of charge if there is any problem with it.

Who am I? I work with this IT Admin from Dec 2016-present and love his Honest and Transparent business. In my case as a Consultant I am open to show my Identity and how I work with the Centers and make sure they dont get burned up.

Despite a IT Consultant, I am not hiding behind like the individuals by creating unreal Facebook accounts for looting especially start up centers in the name of IT Projects.I have the guts to show my Identity to the world in this video because I am confident in my BPO Consulting business (you can even screen record this video with you as a proof).

Please fill in this Online Form and get to know our Projects information: http://bit.ly/RequestForProject

* Customers can contact me on Facebook/WhatsApp/Email/Skype/Twitter for further queries*

Online Portal (Catalog) : https://goo.gl/Tv4rVu (Center will be only able to access Portal after they provide Company information)

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