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How To Outsource 90% Of The Work You Can’t Automate And Make 10 Times As Much Money

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Hey, it’s Joe Crump. This video’s going to show you how to outsource 90% of the work that you can’t automate and make ten times as much money. The reason I built the Automarketer was because I wanted to do less work. And I wanted to automate as much of it as I can. And once you, there are some things that you cannot automate and you’re going to have to outsource it. So, but you don’t have to do it yourself. So that’s the thing. So automate as much as you can, outsource what you can’t automate and then eliminate everything else.
Once you set up the Automarketer there’s not much you have to do to keep it running. It will just continue to run without you. As long as you turn it on and as long as you tell it to, it’ll run it every day, or every two days or every five days, all the way up to every fourteen days. You can turn it on or off at will, but if you leave it on it’ll just keep bringing you in leads during that time. So now you have to do something with the leads that come in and what you want to do is, is hire some people to help you.
So, the team management program in this software allows you to add people to your team. I can add as many team members as I want. And I can assign them numbers within the phone system. And I’m going to show you how the phone systems works in a minute because that is key to making this team system work. But if I want to add a new team member, it’s going to ask me for their information, I’m going to give them a user name and password that is unique to them so that if I want them out of the system I can deactivate them. I can create them, make them inactive, or I could delete them and they won’t be able to access it. They won’t be able to access through their user name and password until I make them active. So, I can also assign phone numbers to them, depending on how many numbers that I’ve got, and I can get as many numbers as I want in the phone system over here, that I’ll show you in a little bit.
Also, you’ve got to have their information, their contact information and their address and their email address and any information that they have about social media and you can keep track of it if their agents, so you can keep their license number here as well, too. And then once you create that, it’s going to actually send them an email and let them know that, what their password is and how to log in.
Now, once I have them in the system, I can assign them leads. So, either your or your admin person can go into the lead, the full lead, and then you can assign it, assign this lead to a particular team member that you want. Once you assign that lead, then they’ll have that on their list to do. You can then go back to the lead dashboard and look up just that team member’s assigned leads and then they can work on their particular leads. So the goal is to ultimately have somebody else doing all the work for you. But you need to get them in a measured way. And what I suggest is that you first get an admin person, maybe somebody you’re going to pay eight bucks an hour, that they just need to get into these, the system and make sure that the leads are assigned to the right people, make sure the leads are being follow up on, make sure that everything’s working properly and, you know, pay them maybe eight bucks an hour, go onto Upwork, eight, ten, twelve dollars an hour. This is probably the lower paid person. Someone who doesn’t take a lot of skill. They can learn how to do this using the tutorials in the system. So it’s not easy – it’s not difficult to train them.
The next person you probably hire is boots on the ground. Because if you’re working remotely in an area, you’re going to need somebody who’s going to work in that area who can drive by, put a sign in the yard, take pictures of the property and send you that stuff and give it to the admin person. They’re going to put it into your leads, they’re going to put it onto your listing site. They’re going to send a broadcast message to you buyers.

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