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How To Outsource For Your Business (Interviewing My VIDEO EDITOR!)

Here’s exactly how to outsource for your business! Explained through an interview with my video editor.

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Video Timestamps (Interesting Parts):

1:00 – Start of interview and introduction with video editor

1:13 – If you don’t outsource you don’t have a successful business

1:24 – Some of the things you will learn in this interview about outsourcing

2:00 – Oscar talking about how I outsource video editing for my business, why I do it and how its impacted my business

2:40 – Why outsourcing will actually bring better quality work into your business

4:20 – Brief explanation about my video editor Oscar and what he does/his goals to become an entrepreneur

5:14 – How Oscar plans to outsource to turn his video editing skill into a passive income stream/business

6:40 – How outsourcing allows you to expand your business by not trading your time for money and how this is the
end goal for every business

7:30 – Why a YouTube channel is a great passive income stream

8:23 – Why passive income isn’t actually as ‘passive’ as you think

10:08 – The best places to go to start outsourcing and where to find people to do freelance or full time work for you

12:17 – How to find someone who is right for your business/how to actually hire freelancers

15:02 – Why you need to hire someone with a good personality, and also why you need to find someone that shares
the same vision as you

15:18 – Why you shouldn’t try to be too cheap when outsourcing

16:11 – Why you need to treat your freelancers/staff as part of a team rather than an ’employee’

16:43 – The two main types of outsourcing for your business and why it’s important you understand the differences

18:31 – How to write your job description properly to make sure people actually understand the tasks you need them to do

19:19 – How I conducted my interviews with potential freelancers, and how I implemented a 2-phase interview tactic
to ensure that I found someone who is right for my business

20:35 – Talking about the ‘transition’ period when outsourcing for your business and how you are going to have to
go through a learning process with your freelancers and how to train them fast and efficiently to suit your style perfeclty

23:00 – Why you should spend a LOT of time asking questions/interviewing during the hiring process for your business

23:54 – How you should treat your employees as a team, how to work with your freelancers for maximum efficiency, the
relationship you should have with your freelancers and some good banter about Oscar being my b*tch

25:22 – Why you CAN’T outsource your entire business and what stuff you can outsource

25:54 – Letting your freelancer add their own creativity/personality to their work that they do for you and how
this increases the productivity within your team

28:49 – How to give your freelancers bonuses/opportunity to progress and grow with you to ensure that they stay motivated
and provide the best work possible for your business

29:29 – The importance of recognising your freelancers work and how this positively impacts the freelancer

34:38 – Calling out anyone who is interested in being a video editor intern to contact us! (contact email in description)

35:05 – Talk about business being a long term strategy and why 99% of people fail in business

35:28 – Why playing the long game is the killer entrepreneur mindset

36:38 – Talk about instant gratification and why it will never truly make us feel fulfilled

38:24 – The journey most entrepreneurs take and how long it will take on average to see results

38:40 – The most fulfilling part about entrepreneurship and how all my work is towards a long term goal

39:40 – Talk about people taking traditional jobs and normal 9/5 work just to make ends meet and not actually feeling fulfilled

41:34 – Why everyone has their own dream of what they want to do, and how most people aren’t willing to accept it and be open about it

43:20 – “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, life will be easy”

44:00 – The iceberg effect and why people see “overnight success” even though the reality is that it’s years of work behind the scenes

45:04 – How entrepreneurs compare themselves to me, why their comparisons are inacurrate and why you shouldn’t compare your growth others

46:54 – Why no successful entrepreneur will want to partner with you if you haven’t had success yourself

47:56 – Why figuring out ‘entrepreneurship’ for yourself is crucial for personal self development

48:40 – The “secret” to entrepreneurship that no entrepreneurs are telling you……

50:28 – Why learning from mentors is crucial to getting results faster, and the right balance between learning/action


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