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How to Outsource Graphic Web Design [On Demand]

Hi I’m Tom, Coordinator of Marketing & On Demand for Flat Planet, with our pay by the hour marketing service, my team can reduce the cost of growing your business.

We perform six key lead generating services and in each episode, we’ll go through one of the six specialized services:

• Online Media Management
• Graphic Web Design
• Data Profiling
• Executive Assistance
• Teleprospecting
• Video Production

In this episode we’ll cover Graphic Design, its definition and how it can benefit your business.

Like a painter for the computer, a Graphic Designer enhances your brand identity using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create beautiful artwork, they construct content to your exact specifications while also thinking of the best way to represent your ideas.
Common tasks for a Graphic Designer are creating business cards, greeting cards, posters, banners, logos and flyers for your advertisements, as well as resizing images, formatting text and designing your website.
As for designing your website from scratch, it will cost about $990 to create, and remember; we’re not the cheapest because we’re also not the worst.
A great looking website with custom branding and images can set your company apart from the competition, because for your on-the-fence customers, it represents the quality of your product or service.

That’s why at $22 an hour, many successful business owners are choosing to outsource this key part of their operation
and cut the cost of growing their business.

So, grow your business the Flat Planet Way, with Ethical, Reliable and Family Friendly Outsourcing.

On Demand is a fully functional Lead Generating Marketing Department, it also doubles as a way for you to test if Virtual Talent is the right fit for your business.

Comment on this Video and we’ll be in touch, lets talk about growing your business.

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