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How to Start a Marketing Agency (Updated with Video!) – Ep. #267

In Episode #267, Eric and Neil discuss how to start a marketing agency. Tune in to learn how to scale yourself up from zero to a million as well as how to create an effective marketing tactic when you’re just starting out. It’ll get your first paid clients and perhaps a date on Tinder, too!

This is an updated video about how to start a digital marketing agency repurposed with video from one of our top podcast episodes!

Time Stamped Show Notes:
00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Start a Marketing Agency
00:40 – Neil shares why he named his first agency ACS
00:44 – ACS stands for Advantage Consulting Services
00:47 – Neil and his co-founder thought of the name
01:07 – ACS was created 16 years ago
01:30 – Neil is starting a new marketing agency
02:03 – Neil wanted a website like iProspect’s, which is one of the biggest marketing agencies
02:14 – When starting a website, have your own unique angle
02:20 – Keep it simple
02:22 – Go on Crunchbase, find companies that are recently funded, email them their flaws in a full detailed document
02:49 – From there, you can get clients and start having your own agency
03:05 – If you want to start a marketing agency, you have to be confident in marketing
03:11 – You have to do business development 03:28 – If you’re starting out, use Mixmax’s sequences
03:30 – Set up sequences and reach out to people like a cold outreach
03:57 – Going from 0 to 1M, it all starts with you
04:12 – Eric got a client from Quora by answering a question for SEO 04:21 – Think about where your people are hanging out
04:30 – Eric has a friend who currently makes money from Instagram 04:50 – Neil asks Eric the one thing he would do if he’s just starting 04:59 – “Give free advice every single day”
05:24 – People will eventually respond to you
05:33 – Eric even sent Neil a couple of emails before responding to Neil’s blog 05:45 – “You got to show value first and then, from there, you can scale up”
05:50 – Neil will also do the same thing as Eric if he’s just starting out 06:00 – Neil will send an email with the name and a catchy sentence about the person’s business
06:39 – Use tools like Mixmax, Outreach and ZenProspect to make sure you have a CSV of the company names for the outreach
06:47 – Marketing is a numbers game
07:02 – Eric used to take videos to get clients 07:22 – Start to build up your portfolio and do some work for free to get referrals
07:33 – It’s going to be tough at first
07:39 – Neil has a reader who used his marketing funnels to get dates on Tinder
07:50 – Funnels is compared to the act of swiping
07:58 – The more people you email, the more opens you’re going to get 08:20 – In Tinder, there’s a feature called “super like”
08:49 – A “super like” is when a person made you a favorite
09:00 – If you have a good headline, people will click through
09:20 – Make sure you have a good image, just like in Tinder
10:00 – “Do good work and then things will start to happen”
10:05 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points: Confidence is important, but being an excellent marketer is fundamental—people will know if you are an expert or are just trying to be one.
There’s no elevator to success. Reach out to people as often as possible and offer free work if needed.
Create a plan and research how you will develop your business.


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