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How To Start Outsourcing Work Tutorial For Entrepreneurs (5 Easy Steps)

Take back control of your time and business with these 5 simple steps to start outsourcing your work. Outsourcing your work is one of the easiest ways to quickly scale your business and get more done in less time.

0:15 – Why Outsourcing Matters
0:45 – Step 1) Identify Core Tasks
1:44 – Step 2) Clients vs. Internal
2:10 – Step 3) Value Ladder
3:31 – Step 4) Budget & Prioritize
5:31 – Step 5) Choose The ONE
6:01 – Complete Guide To Hiring (Playlist Link Above)

In this outsourcing tutorial freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, you are going to learn how to start outsourcing your work effectively so you can get more done in less time.

What you are about to learn are the exact same 5 steps I used to outsource over 80% our marketing agency work resulting in an extra 20 hours a week. Learning how to start outsourcing work is so important to your future growth.

And as a entrepreneur I’ve found outsourcing to be an important part of avoiding burnout and having enough time to focus on the high value tasks that can move your business and income forward.

Which is why I’ve linked to a comprehensive playlist that documents every step of the hiring process so once you complete this tutorial you have that playlist to walk you through how to master the hiring process.

There are 5 Simple steps to the process of outsourcing work. The First step is identifying your core tasks and deciding what is most important to you as an entrepreneur and business owner. The more core tasks you have, the more important as you start to learn how to start outsourcing work.

The next step is deciding the type of work to outsource. Your business is made up of projects and systems. It’s up to you to choose to outsource work from those projects and systems that are not a part of your core tasks. The time value ladder in step three will help you with how to start outsourcing work.

The next step is looking at your budget and cash flow to see what you can afford and sustain even if sales drop. After your budget and priorities consideration, I’ve got a special note on energy management for you in the video, you’re ready to pick the 1 task.

What’s the 1 task? Watch the video to find out!

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