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How To Sell Successfully With A Facebook Store

Over time Facebook has moved from being just a social media platform that people connect with others and it has now become a platform that is being used by more and more businesses to connect with customers that buy their products and services and according to a certain study 60% of all social traffic that is driven to retail sites is through Facebook. This is a great number of consumers and even though there are many ways that the business owner can use to drive traffic to their site the easiest and simplest ways is by providing a link to a product page on the company’s e-commerce site via a Facebook post. As much as this is a good way to engage a potential customer it may send some clients running away from Facebook but instead of using this route the person can only set up a Facebook store which is easy to set-up, simple to use and has a higher conversion rate compared to redirecting clients to another site that the business owner wants them to see.

Selling on Facebook is a huge opportunity that no one can afford to ignore and if the person wants to cash in on this fantastic opportunity, they can follow the steps below. The primary rule of selling in Facebook is constantly and consistently engage the followers because in most cases people do not log into Facebook to make purchases but they log in to connect with other people thus it is the business owner’s responsibility to connect the two functions which are making a purchase and connecting with your company. One of the ways to do this is to do small things like asking questions, responding to comments, making product suggestion and telling the story of the brand because the more the followers are engaged, the higher the likelihood that they will convert to customers.

The truth is that Facebook sales thrive on likes and the more quality likes the Facebook page gets the higher the odds that more people will see the content and in as much as a business owner can wait around hoping that people will stumble upon the page by chance and like it in most cases, the page needs a push. This push can be in the form of incentivizing people to like and follow the page and according to another famous study slightly more than two-fifths of the people that like a page do so that they can get a coupon or discount, and the business owner can apply this principle by offering promotions and special offers on the Facebook shop.

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