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If You Read One Article About Tips, Read This One

Design Tips to Have a Successful Outdoor Advertising

The outdoor advertising is a form of visual storytelling. Once the outdoor advertising is successfully done, the DOOH or digital out of home and OOH or out of home advertisements can change the visual landscapes of the city. An efficient outdoor advertising will surely grab the eyes of the viewers as well as generate a lasting impression that will surely make them stay a little bit longer once they walk by or drive by your day.

1. Keep it simple. Take into consideration that less is so much more. The DOOH as well as OOH ads must be concise and direct. If at all possible, it is important that the design focuses on a certain compelling idea and is consisted of three major elements such as your company name, company logo and contact information, a concise and unique line of copy that will highlight your company, products and services offered as well as a carefully selected graphics or photo. Here is a quick tip, always remember the rule of 7. Keep a copy length of about 7 words or less and make certain that your ad can be read well and understood in just 7 seconds or less.

2. Present it and don’t just tell it. The viewers will be able to point out which services or products are being marketed in the ad. Make certain that you take advantage of evocative as well as compelling imageries such as graphics or photos so as to motivate the viewers to recall. If the graphic concept of your outdoor advertisement is based on text, then be certain that you play with the font style, color and size so as to generate a long lasting and encouraging impression on the viewer. Here is a simple tip, the viewer recall is incredibly vital in measuring the effectiveness of DOOH and OOH advertising.

3. Make use of contrasting colors. Saturated and bright colors are a lot better for the outdoor advertisement designs in contrast to the light colors. Make use of high contrast colors in order to improve the readability of your entire design at any viewing distance. Take into consideration particular colors as well as color combinations will trigger specific emotions or ideas, so make sure that you choose your color palette very well so as to best support your advertised services or products.

4. Bigger is definitely better. Huge and bold texts will make it simpler and easier for the viewers to read and understand the message that you are trying to convey from a distance. Bigger texts don’t only increase the readability, but this also adds energy to your message.

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