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News For This Month: Paving

News For This Month:  Paving 1Guide to Seal Coating Your Pavement Sealing, similar to how you paint your home to keep the weather from deteriorating the wood, is a means of seal coating the asphalt of your driveway or parking lot. Sealcoating is more of a preventive maintenance for you driveway or parking lot. The purpose of seal coating is so that the tiny cracks are sealed so that they will not become bigger cracks and it also prevents water or snow from seeping its way down into the base materials. Your driveway or parking lot will look as if it is brand new because the dark blue color when new sealcoat is applied will improve the appearance of your asphalt. Another benefit of sealcoating is that it helps protect the asphalt from the sun. Surface voids in the asphalt exposed to the sun is filled when it is sealed, thus reducing your asphalt’s exposure to oxygen and UV rays. If it is not exposed to the sun, what the sealant does is to prevent harmful chemical spills like oil and gasoline from being affected by it. Of which are all too common on a driveway or parking lots.
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It can lower cleaning cost since it leaves a smooth clean surface that is easier to clean. If you look more on the benefits of sealing your asphalt driveway or parking lot and compare it with just leaving your pavement surfaces as is, you will soon realize that you only have to pay pennies per square foot of the sealcoating and you don’t have to experience the bothersome outcome of traffic or the wear and tear and the money needed to repair or replace the damage spots.
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So that instead of fiddling with the asphalt itself what you need to do is simply coat or seal the top layer with either any of the three types of sealers. One of the sealers is coal tar which is not allowed in some states of the North. You also have the asphalt Emulsions. Emulsions are not so sensitive to damp stone or pavements as well as to dusty aggregates because they are water based. The acrylics type on the other hand must involve a thorough cleaning before application, but this is the epitome of what the perfect asphalt sealer should be. Acrylic sealers are easily identifiable due to its varying degrees of color, as it can be shaded in black, red, green or clear coloring. Since they do not contain any petroleum by-products, this means that it is environmentally friendly also. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages. It is protecting the surface area that is the purpose of layering your driveway with asphalt sealers. In order to keep your pavement looking newly paved, it is recommended that you apply a fresh layer of asphalt sealers every three years.

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