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Outsourcing Customer Service

We all know that customer service can be an extreme challenge in our business. While you may be receiving calls from clients and even prospects, your email inbox can fill up fast as well. A key indicator for having to hire someone to handle your customer service is when you get to a point where you are spending too much time on it.

A recent study says that

41% of those surveyed said that getting their issues resolved quickly is the most important aspect of good customer service.
– 2014 State of Multichannel Customer Service Survey

What this clearly says is that customers need to have their problems resolved as quickly as possible. Business owners need to provide a way to allow clients and other prospects to have a way of answering important questions, listen and fix complaints, and anything that is customer support related.

Hiring someone overseas in the Philippines (the #1 nation in customer service care) means a lot more than enormous cost savings. It means having someone with a very solid foundation in the English language. The language that your customer service representatives speak must be as fluent as your customers are. The Philippines is currently the best place for customer service outsourcing.

Other than sales, customer service should be your number one priority. Keep your clients and customers happy by providing them a place to go when they need help.

By having representatives of your company answer phone calls from clients and prospects you allow your business to run smoothly and efficiently. What I mean is that if you keep your clients happy then that keeps revenue streams rolling in. Customer care is a must for any and all businesses.

Where can you hire a customer service representative?
The Philippines is growing into a powerhouse when it comes to customer care. The fact that English is the second language, sometimes first language means that your customers will feel safe. Hiring customer service reps in the Philippines allows you to have a workforce 24/7 if you that is what your business needs.

What is the cost of a Filipino customer service representative?
A full time Filipino employee through Somebody 2 Hire will cost you as low as under $7 an hour, full time.

What are the main benefits of hiring in the Philippines?

English is the second language and sometimes first. The cost savings is tremendous. You get reliable people working for you while an agency such as Somebody2 Hire manages all employees in office. Another reason to hire in the Philippines is that you can have a 24 hour, 7 days a week workforce.

Business owners should not be worried about customer service. Yes, there will always be some customer service involved when you have interaction with customers and prospects, but it should not be a full time job keeping you away from doing what you do best.


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