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Outsource Your Small Business Tasks

Why companies outsource employees.
It seems it is becoming harder to find enough great employees.
The market is changing. New computer software, new technologies to apply to your business, new consumer trends, new government regulations…… The challenges are huge.
You might ask
Why is it so hard to find good employees?
Some of the reasons are our educational system has fallen way behind on training in all the areas business and society needs.
Another reason is change is happening at a much faster pace.
And even another reason is that talented and motivated people, the ones you want to land as great employees, have more opportunities to work for good companies worldwide or for themselves than ever before.
And then there are the other factors of hiring those great employees to take on the big problems and opportunities that your business faces.
They cost a lot to retain in wages and benefits.
Most do not have experience and training in many specialized areas that you need.
You cannot hire them just to do a project or a task.
So, if you can’t find the great employees to do what you need or at an economical price what do you do?
Outsource the task.
Get the task done by people with the reputation, experience, skill and motivation to do it right.
What services do business services consultants provide?
They can be anything, depending on their specialties.
Your B2B Team has over 120 years’ experience and skills in these areas:
Accounting, business and personal taxes, bookkeeping, financial statement, business formation, audit representation
Business management and operations, financial analysis, organizational systems and structure analysis.
Energy and Utilities and recovery, government tax credits, rebates and grants for business.
Legal consultations and correspondence, trial defense services, identity theft recovery.
Corporate minutes writing, legal forms templates, risk assessment of your business,
Employee Handbook creation, employee and office form templates.
Computer and software maintenance and upgrades, computer and systems monitoring, network design and administration, disaster recovery and prevention, onsite and remote tech support.
Improved branding and marketing, referral marketing training.
Give us a call or email us for a free consultation review.
Your B2B Team
(805) 551-8083
M – F: 9am-5pm, or by appointment.
We also offer service on weekends based on services we are providing. Feel free to give us a call regarding details.
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