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Outsourcing for Amazon FBA – Using OnlineJobs.ph (pt. 2)

This video was sponsored by Onlinejobs.ph – your guide to hiring Filipino virtual assistants to help you grow your business. Check them out and set up your free account here: www.onlinejobs.ph

Be sure to check out part 1 (the WHY and HOW of outsourcing) here:

This week John is back to share more specifically about his website, OnlineJobs.ph and how you can strategically use it to grow your business.

-Struggles of finding an online VA when he first started
-Why Filipino VAs value stability
-The difference between hiring based on the gig vs. hiring a dedicated VA
-Why OnlineJobs.ph is different than hiring from an agency
-How to set up an account with OnlineJobs.ph
-Interviewing tips (this is important!!)

Don’t miss the tips on how to hire your first Virtual Assistant and some mistakes that first timers make – learn how to hire a great overseas VA!

You can watch the video at the blog:

Outsourcing for Amazon FBA – Using OnlineJobs.ph (pt. 2)

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