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Outsourcing to Ukraine: Why Ukrainian IT Industry is Hot?

Outsourcing is increasingly the business model for development companies around the world. Ignite explains why outsourcing to Ukraine might make sense for your next project in its latest video, Why Ukrainian IT Industry is Hot.

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The video examines 7 reasons more and more companies have turned to the Ukrainian IT industry for top-quality development at competitive pricing:

1. Top-Notch Educational System

Ukraine’s commitment to higher education has bred a generation of world-class developers, with 57% of IT specialists holding STEM degrees. When you hire a development team, you are assured that your project will benefit from the latest technological advances.

2. Skill Diversity

Ukrainian developers represent a diverse mix of talent, from JavaScript and PHP programmers to Python and ASP.Net engineers. Despite its relatively small size, Ukraine has more Unity3D and C++ developers than any other country.

3. Fertile Environment for Tech Startups

The tech-savvy environment of Ukraine has germinated some of the most successful tech startups in the world, including:

– Grammarly
– MacPaw
– Depositphotos
– Nimses
– Attendify
– Petcube Bites.

4. Culture Compatibility

The Ukraine IT outsourcing industry is English-fluent, and highly-experienced in working with international clients. Proof is seen in the multitude of developer conferences hosted in Ukraine, most open to developers from around the world. As cited in the video, the following conferences are hosted in Ukraine:

– Games Gathering Conference
– Agile Eastern Europe Conference
– PyCon Ukraine
– IT Arena
– DEV_Challenge.

5. Convenient Time Zone

Ukraine is seven hours ahead of the U.S., and two hours ahead of most European nations, giving its developers a head start on your project each day.

6. Best Price/Quality Ratio

Ukraine has the best price/quality ratio of any Eastern European country, offering highly-competitive pricing without compromising quality. Outsourcing to Ukraine allows you to tap the best development talent in the world, at rates you would expect to pay for cut-rate service providers.

7. Improved Economy and Political Environment
Ukraine is a country on the mend, having adopted significant political and fiscal reforms in recent years. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicates that the country is ready to transition from stabilization to more rapid growth.

As the video shows, Ukraine is becoming the leading outsourcing destination for quality, cost-effective development, for more reasons than one.


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