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Do you have a job? Yes.. for now…
What is your job? Target employee
What is outsourcing? Goods and services exported to other countries by businesses

Why do companies outsource? Companies outsource manufacturing or online jobs because it is cheaper than production within their nation. Outsourcing allows businesses to produce goods or maintain a service at a lower cost which increased their profit. Outsourced labor is cheaper due to different federal regulations and different countries also have different regulations as to how a company can produce.

How common do you think outsourcing is? I’ve heard a lot about companies moving their business overseas, but i’m not sure if it’s that common.? Maybe 20%
Would you be surprised if I told you the number was over 50%? Oh my.

How many US jobs have been outsourced? Well in 2015, 2,382,000 jobs were outsourced alone.
How does outsourcing help develop 3rd world or developing countries? Provides jobs and helps their economies grow.
How does outsourcing help the global community? Outsourcing moves money through the economies of different nation and facilitates global cooperation.

How do you feel about wearing clothes that were made in a korean sweatshop by a 7 year old? That’s very disturbing to hear and it’s one of the reasons I am opposed to outsourcing. The lack of federal regulations in other countries regarding labor and environmental policies is the main reason I oppose outsourcing.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?
Outsourcing reduces capital investment, helps business expansion, reduce overall cost; increasing profit. Outsourcing moves money from a nation economy to a global economy. The opportunity cost of outsourcing is that different countries have different federal regulations for businesses. In the United States all businesses that operate between state lines are required to meet the interstate commerce laws and regulations, not every country has these policies set in place.

What are the costs of outsourcing?
Lost jobs in western hemisphere, economic power shift (west to east), causing recession
How do you feel that some of companies in these nations who are are producing do not have environmental regulations? For instance China has a layer of orange smog because their production? The federal government should encourage companies to keep their business in the united states because the lack of regulation in other countries is detrimental to the environment and the working conditions are horrible.

How do different countries economic systems affect the business within that nation?
Outsourcing to nations like Ethiopia who work under a traditional economy, allows money and jobs to flow into the country. This in turn, moves the nation out of a economic state revolved around customs and beliefs to more of a mixed economy and into a more modern society. Outsourcing to communist countries like China also help them in providing jobs to many people at the same low wages resulting in a booming economy. Outsourcing helps every economic system.
Why do companies in china outsource to developing nations?
By lowering the cost of production, these companies are able to produce and supply a greater amount of goods.

What do you think about companies outsourcing to developing nations?
I think that these big businesses should stay away from traditional economies because it is corrupting their culture.
What are your thought on China?
China is going to take over the world one day because those communists are taking all our jobs.

So, Overall what is your opinion on outsourcing?
Although outsourcing can benefit the global economy by giving jobs and helping to build economies, it can negatively affect one country because it can take away its jobs from that nation’s working class.

And how do you feel about outsourcing?
Outsourcing hurts the global economy by taking away jobs from numerous people in all aspects of the globe.

How do you feel about outsourcing?
Well every situation has its pros and cons. Being unemployed at this time, I feel outsourcing doesn’t impact me as much as others. However, in this case I believe outsourcing is good for the global economy. It provides jobs and the flow of money to many different economies across the world. I understand that outsourcing take away from the people in one specific nation, but if you look at the global trend it is beneficial. I am also worried about the environmental and child labor dangers, but whatcha gonna do.


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