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PART 5: Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working… Continued (2 of 2)

In the second half of the video, I answer the rest of your burning 2018 Facebook ads questions. Click here to watch part 1 of 2 if you missed it: https://youtu.be/VYgnfSYNG0A

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Then, watch part 2 of 2 now for the final answers to your questions, including;

6. I’m not sure how to “word” my Facebook ads for ultimate results!
7. I’ve placed several ads, but get very little interaction, leads or sales, what do I do?
8. I get so many likes on my Facebook ads, but they don’t convert!
9. How do you manage your Facebook ads with limited time?
10. I’ve placed Facebook ads to get sign-ups, but it’s so hit & miss. I feel like I’m wasting money, what do I do?
11. I’m a one-person business & my budget is tight, what do you advise?
12. How do I target the right audience to increase conversions?
13. Should I boost Facebook page posts, or purely focus on Facebook ads?
14. My biggest challenge is connecting to a wider audience and scaling. What do you suggest?

You’ll also discover Ben’s top online tools that he uses to reduce time spent creating Facebook ads, as well as tools that assist with increasing conversions and profits. Ben will also go into detail with;

* The lead generation funnel he’s using to generate tens of thousands of leads & convert them to paying customers
* The strategy he applied to generate $500,000 in sales from one $47 product
* Landing page best practices to optimize for conversions
* Why you should be testing “hero” images on your landing pages
* Facebook ad strategies that will help you generate Quick Wins in your Facebook ads account
* How to increase your organic reach by getting creative
* How to find copywriting ideas to help speed up the creation of your Facebook ads, increase clickthrough rates and decrease ad costs
* What to do if you’re not generating 50 conversions per week
* How to recover lost sales to help you quickly make your Facebook ad account profitable

Plus, much, much more.

Watch now!


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