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Questions And Answers About Marketing, Business & Life PART I // Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Got questions about business and marketing? In this episode, I’m answering questions about business, marketing, and life that you (the community) submitted last month.

This is PART II of our Q&A series, and I hope you get some insights and advice from this session to implement for your own business.

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00:50 – ”Do you have a VA that you outsource specific tasks to?”

2:33 – ”Do you have tips for advertising a real estate management company and getting more leads?”

6:45 – ”How do you stay motivated or what inspires you?”

9:36 – ”Have you ever used cold outreach to get clients? and What is the best market for a social media marketer?”

12:20 – ”Do you advise for someone who wants to start their social media business and create a business plan?”

15:02 – ”Can you share some book titles for business and leisure?”

18:44 – ”How can I get the word out about my business?”

20:02 – ”Can you share the equipment you use to record your videos?”

23:10 – = ”How can I charge a client for social media marketing services?”

25:13 – ”How long did it take you acquire social media/ digital marketing skills?”

27:25 – ”How do I get my first client as a 16 yr old freelancer?”

28:36 – ”How do you do social media marketing remotely for a client? Have you done it before?”

30:48 – ”Can you offer up a few evergreen content ideas for fiction writers?”

34:25 – ”How can I break the fear of failure that has me stuck?”

37:47 – ”What tools should I use for organic Facebook marketing?”


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– Rework
– The Curated Closet

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