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Skeincoin Ltd. – Consider This

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Skeincoin is one of the few officially registered cryptocurrencies that makes the future of payment systems an everyday reality by providing integrated real-world applications.

With crypto trading made legal in Belarus, Skeincoin Ltd. can open up a marketplace or other business trading items, coins and other values with Skeincoin on a legal basis. This marketplace can be used as an entry point into the global crypto market. An exchange for other cryptos and alts is possible.

We are running transactions fast and with costs as low as 0.0002 SKC per kilobyte which is less than 0,001% even for small transactions. The speed will go up about ten to hundred times with lightning and the cost will go down even more. Moving values with Skeincoin isn’t limited to moving money almost instantly in form of digital assets. Rather the almost instant and ultra-low-cost microtransactions allow the transfer of all kind of values, from trading in-game items to micro-payments for crowdsourced micro-jobs. Users and companies alike will be considered with their different needs, security, and usability.


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