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Some Tips For Organizing Tools

Few things are more satisfying than building or repairing something by yourself, and that’s why businesses like Home Depot attract so many optimistic customers who are looking for just the right tools to make their projects come to life. However, a messy, disorganized garage can be the worst enemy of a DIY project, costing extra time to search for lost tools and extra money to replace lost or ruined ones. If you pride yourself on your DIY skills more than on your organizational skills, consider some of the following suggestions for organizing your tools.

For the tools you use the most in different locations, invest in a sturdy toolbox that will hold as much as you need. Most are designed with an upper compartment for the most frequently used tools and a lower compartment for additional storage. In addition, a good toolbox needs small compartments to hold accessories like drill bits, screws, nails, etc. One helpful organizing strategy for a toolbox is a two-layer foam organizer in contrasting colors. Cut out the shape of your tools in the top layer, so that it’s very easy to see where your tools belong and which ones are missing.

For organizing tools that are mainly used in the garage, there are several organizing solutions. You can buy inexpensive sets of plastic drawers in different sizes to hold power tools, hand tools, or small parts. Storage bins are great for large power tools like chainsaws or circular saws. A plastic bin that seals will protect your tools from the effects of moisture, and they can be stored underneath a workbench or table top. A storage cabinet is another option for larger tools.

Another organizing strategy is to keep everything in sight. Pegboards and hooks are great for hanging tools on the wall. This keeps them off the ground and protects them in case of flooding. In addition, the tools are easier to access if you don’t have to bend down to pick them up. If you purchase heavy duty hooks and allocate the space, you can hang up almost anything, even a wheelbarrow or a ladder.

To read more about tool use and storage on the job, check out http://alltopstartups.com/2016/04/04/handyworker-business/.

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