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Study: My Understanding of Businesses

Saving Time and Money Using Social Media Recruiting The the responsibility of the recruiter is finding as many applicants as the can using the least time possible for a recruitment process. They want to use as little resources as possible within the shortest time possible. When looking for a qualified candidate using the traditional recruitment process a lot of time and resources are used. Advertising on the newspapers and magazines was the method which was used to recruit qualified candidates in the past. This advertisement were not offered for free because the fee that is charged from the advertisement is what keeps their business running. It is very rare that the recruiting company will use the planned budget to place an advertisement and get a decent place for it to be published. For the recruiter to get a good deal out of the publication they have to promise the publisher a huge amount of money. Pre- publishing a number of advertisements is the process that is mostly carried out. The recruiter is convinced by the publisher that the advertisement is an investment because they get a greater opportunity to get more qualified applicant as the advertisement runs. The process of weeding out and whittling down the applications starts after receiving the applications. So much precious time will be wasted on shifting through the worthless, unqualified applications instead of using that time to the qualified applications. There is so much work to de done by the by the recruiter and because of this they are unable to meet the hiring deadline because they will not have conducted the interviews. The recruiter may end up not hiring a qualified candidate because they will be under so much pressure of filling the position. It is at this point the social media recruitment is useful because the process saves the recruiter time and resources for the process is new and fresh. From the social media recruitment you will get worldwide applications and also regional applications. Through the social media recruiting the recruiter is able to know the application of every applicant even before inviting them for an interview. The recruiter is able to learn about the applicant’s qualification, personality, friends, and affiliations in a way that the applicant won’t know. These platform enables all the members of the public to access the information. Through the social media recruitment the recruiter increases the chances of evaluating as many applications as they can. If you compare the social media recruitment and the traditional recruitment, you will save time and money using the social media recruitment. By the use of social media recruitment, it helps you ensure regular communication with the candidates, during the whole recruitment process.On Resources: My Thoughts Explained

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