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To outsource or not to outsource: Advice for entrepreneurs

In this video I delve into a key question that entrepreneurs face when building their business; when to outsource? Outsourcing takes time upfront but is vital to long term growth.

What’s up! I am the founder a 5-person digital marketing agency serving clients in the US & Canada (business link in channel description). This playlist documents my final months before finishing school forever, taking off to an exotic country and achieving digital nomad freedom.

I am a huge believer in the minimal viable product, and just STARTING. That is exactly what I did about a year ago when I picked up my iPhone, pressed record and uploaded to YouTube – this channel is a work in progress and is as much a personal journal for me – as an educational and inspirational tool for you.

The videos mainly focus on the day to day management of a growing digital marketing agency. However, I also like to talk about other creative ways of making money (real estate sub-rentals, crypto-currency investments, and more!). Additionally, I am passionate about lifestyle design, phycology and practical philosophy.

If you like my vibe and are at all interested in lifestyle design, making money online, entrepreneurship, or starting a business as a student, subscribe and let’s escape the 9-5 and build an epic lifestyle together!


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