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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media to The Oechsli Institute

Are you struggling with social media marketing? If you’re like most financial professionals, it’s difficult to find the time and resources. We’ve trained thousands to master social media, and now we’ll just do it for you. Here’s what we do:

? Branding Booster: Your first month with us is spent ensuring high-quality and consistent branding is created for all of your social networks.

? Facebook Ads: We’ll design the graphics, define your demographics, and run Facebook ads on your behalf.

? Warm Prospecting: We run weekly lead generation campaigns, identifying ideal prospects, and reaching out to them on your behalf.

? Strategic Engagement: We interact with your clients, COIs, and prospects on various social networks.

? Content Curation: We curate the latest and greatest social media content on the web and post regularly on your behalf.

? Connections Builder: We expand your reach on LinkedIn by sending connection requests to ideal prospects in your area.

? Branded Quote Cards: We will create 10 quote cards for you that perform really well on social media. By adding your logo, you get all the credit.

Let’s talk about it … http://bit.ly/2nuRxX3


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