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Upwork Success: How to Get More Upwork Writing Jobs

Upwork Success: How to Get More Upwork Writing Jobs

Grab your checklist AND swipe the pitch that got me over $20,000 worth of work at https://www.successfulfreelancemom.com/bonus/

In this video, you’ll learn how to optimize and upgrade your Upwork profile so that you can get more writing jobs and get invitations from great clients who want to work with you.

You’ll learn:

How to give your Upwork profile a title that will attract the right clients.
How to write an overview that focuses on what your clients need.
How to use samples to build your Upwork profile and get more freelance writing jobs.
Why you need a pitch template that you can use to apply to jobs and to respond to client invitations.

Upgrade your Upwork profile in under 15 minutes with this checklist, plus grab the pitch template I use to get freelance writing work on Upwork every day! https://www.successfulfreelancemom.com/bonus/

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Need more info on Upwork? This video has some great tips! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCpANnfsNvU



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