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Web Development: Basic eCommerce 101

It is estimated that over a billion dollars is spent via online shopping. The internet and e-commerce is the new mall. People are opting to stay home and shop. Your site must meet the basic e-commerce 101 necessities if you expect to keep up with this trend, which all comes down to the right web development.

E-commerce 101

  • High quality images
  • Product categories that are easy to navigate
  • Clean and Simple Design
  • Mobile Device Ready
  • Secure Online Checkout

Mobile Devices

With mobile devices becoming the norm, people are shopping more. Your site has to be able to accommodate. The need for a site optimized for mobile phones is vital for all websites. You want to make sure that when a potential customer pulls your site up on his or her mobile device your site delivers the same basic e-commerce 101.

Outsource Vs DIY

Knowing your limitations and accepting them are two very different things. A business owner that offers web development services will naturally lean more to the DIY option. However, most business owners will need to outsource their web design to a professional to ensure that it is done right.

Search engine optimizations (SEO), social media marketing, video production are all ways to drive more traffic to your website. It is possible to start out performing each one yourself but be prepared for it to take up a large chuck of your time.


Many small business owners struggle with whether the cost of hiring a web design specialist will be too much. Saving money is a good thing and working with a professional that can provide what you need for your business without exhausting your budget is the goal. Skimping however, in this area could cost you more money in the end as this will tap into loss revenues.

If you can honestly say that your website offers the basic e-commerce essentials then you are doing something right. Expect to have a long internet life for your business. However, most websites cannot honestly say this with a straight face. It is never too late to make a situation better. It is time to ensure that customers can shop with peace of mind.

Marketing Tip,

I would say you should try to target countries where you don’t have much competition but you see there are potential buyers for your products. like I started selling leather shoes in Pakistan and there was not so much of competition in my niche yet I was able to make good sales there are so many potentials buyers who do Online shopping shoes in Pakistan so I would suggest you search for a county with the lowest competition.

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