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Importance of Social Media to Businesses Today

Word of mouth or passing of information from person to person via oral communication, which could be as simple as telling someone what you just bought while you were in such and such a place, storytelling and etc. is becoming an indispensable part of the marketing mix for many businesses and one of the best ways to reach customers and clients. This is just like online platforms today like blogs, twitter, and videos where we can subscribe, become fans, share, and connect in many ways.

Not every industry should be spending time and money on these social platforms and if they do they should know what they want to get from it before opening a social media campaign, yet it is also true that these social media platforms are very low in cost compared to the traditional marketing campaigns. It is very expensive to use traditional media especially if you have a small business. On the other hand, most social media platforms are virtually free of use, and the only thing you spend is time in composing, constructing, and designing and uploading your content. You can even find platforms where you only need to have your profile updated and interact with your contacts. The low expense of using social media compared to print media is one of the benefits that business owners can get from it. Social media can then be used by businesses to create and distribute promotional materials like articles, videos, audio, for a very small amount compared to what you usually pay for ads on TV, radio or newspapers. When you distribute your content using social media it gives you more opportunities for other to link to your content.

Social media is also a leveling field for both large and small business players as it is accessible to anyone regardless of the company size, turnover results and the range of its reach. This is something that is unattainable in our traditional marketing since the more you want to reach more people, the more you need to directly consigning an increasing cost. Through social media, businesses can communicate information in a flash, regardless of geographical location.

With social media, there are limitless opportunities to interact with customers and build relationships. This is because social media interaction is real time. Companies can source feedback, test ideas and manage customer services quickly and directly online. Testing marketing messages, gauging user responses, and tweaking messages accordingly can be done because stats can be measured immediately and can also be viewed spontaneously. There are social media measurement tools that business can use which are free and easy to use.

Lastly, content management is generally very flexible because you can in seconds easily update, alter, and supplement anything in ways that is completely unknown to a printed advertisement.

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