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What To Eat For Healthy Hair

Our hair is normally protein based and even it is dead, there’s part of it from the roots that has life that results in hair growth. Thus, the necessity for having the right vitamins and nutrients for hair will make it grow faster. Obviously, the next questions is what are the essential vitamins needed for healthy hair replace virgin human hair extensions? Here’s our top 6 vitamins:

1. Vitamin A:

Vitamin A plays an essential part in hair growth. It makes our hair shiny. This Vitamin contains antioxidants that moisturizes our scalp keeping our hair from drying out. Vitamin A also aids in thickening and strengthening of the hair.

2. Biotin Or Vitamin B71:

Biotin is known for its “hair growth” factor that’s why it also known as the “H” vitamin. It is one of the 12 of the Vitamin B family and has been the most favorite of all the hair growth vitamins. It helps improves the health and texture of the hair and also repairs brittle hair. 

Biotin is also known to work wonders on hair thickness and volume. It helps in the production of fatty acids within the cells, cell growth, and a lot of essential processes that includes fats and amino acids.

Because of its substantial uses, the result of sufficient intake of biotin can lead to the following results:

  • Rapid increase of hair growth
  • Thickening of hair
  • Straightening of hair

3. Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 is also from the family of the B Vitamins. This is a very important vitamin to prevent hair loss. It aids in the absorption of iron to the body which you can lose hair, due to iron deficiency.

4. Vitamin C:

Another hair growth Vitamin is Vitamin C. It has the capacity to cure hair dryness and premature graying of hair efficiently.  Taking this Vitamins on a daily basis through food items, or supplements is a must to maintain the health of your hair.

5. Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is considered as one of the vital vitamins for hair growth too. It can prevent dry hair and roughness of the hair. It helps to protect and moisturize your hair from drying out, and keeps it shiny. Aside from this, it also promotes blood circulation and helps the scalp healthy.

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