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Why You Should Outsource The Jobs You Hate

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One way to cure procrastination and be more productive is to simply outsource digital marketing tasks you hate doing. Instead of setting deadlines for yourself, set deadlines for other people.

There are few things that you can’t outsource today. So, the first clue you have that you should outsource something is that you dislike it.

But there is more to outsourcing marketing services than that.

Does It Make Sense Monetarily?

Often the things you hate doing are considered (at least by you) to be menial tasks. Tasks like writing blog post, data entry, posting to social media, and so forth. These are tasks that are ripe for outsourcing because they’re boring (to you) and more than likely you can earn more money outsourcing it and turning your focus to your main money maker.

Are You Skilled At Doing It?

Many things that you hate doing are likely simply because you’re not good at doing them. It’s okay not to be good at doing everything. This doesn’t mean you’re deficient. It just means that you can’t do a good job doing something you weren’t trained for and have no talent for. It’s okay and not a sign of weakness on your part.

You’d Rather Be Golfing (or Fishing, etc…)

Sometimes you hate doing something just because it’s taking away from the things you really want to do. When your business gets to a certain point, it makes sense to start outsourcing various activities so that you can do other things you consider fun to do.

The rule of thumb is that if it’s not your main line of work, that outsourcing it is perfectly fine. The other thing is, if you can outsource it for less than you can earn from the project then you’re ahead of the game too. Of course, you want the outsourcers to do as well as you would for the job, so pick your outsourcers carefully and pay them a fair wage.

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